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Requirements to Lessee

Thursday, 25 August 2016 23:21

Requirements to Lessee

  • legal entities of all forms of property, first of all, being included in the Register of construction contracting organization of the State Committee of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • condition for rendering leasing services is a not less than 25% of participation of a Lessee, according to terms of agreement made;
  • a Lessee must be properly founded and registered as a legal entity in accordance with established procedure;
  • reasonableness of need in requested special machinery;
  • availability of security of covering leasing transaction risks;
  • fulfillment of requirements made to lessees (paying capacity, financial stability and etc.). profitability and payback.

Requirements for conclusion of lease agreement

  • Application of a Lessee;
  • Certified by an organization's seal copies of constituent documents (Articles of association, Constituent agreement together with any registered alterations);
  • Right-evidencing and licensing documents (certified by seal copy of Certificate of state registration of economic subjects, Licenses if a Lessee conducts an economic activity which needs to be licensed, as well as copies of any other produced licensing documents);
  • Certified by a seal a copy of a set of a Lessee's accounting reports for the last 2 accounting periods, and effective data of accounts as of the current date (Balance sheet Form №1, a report on financial performance - Form №2, interpretation of a balance, interpretation of accounts receivable and payable together with verification acts for delayed liabilities);;
  • Business-plan and Feasibility study of a leasing project including a forecast of profits and losses and cash flow on a company's current activities for the whole period of a leasing project;
  • Copy of a passport, the minutes and an order of appointment of a company's director and chief accountant;
  • Certificate of a serving bank about the availability of a settlement account, turnovers on a settlement account (being balanced in total amounts for each month for the last 12 months), status of a file-2, absence or availability of any loan debts, as well as a copy of a copy of a specimen signature card;
  • Documents/information on presumptive lease object.

* Notice: The above-mentioned list of documents is not final and the Company preserves a right to request any other information and documents depending on a specificity of a project.

The company firstly finances construction organizations included in the Register of construction contracting organizations of the State Committee of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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